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This 2kW xenon followspot features easy maneuverability and handling due to the smallest and lightest design in its class. The smart balance feature allows the operator to set their own customized neutral position for superior ergonomics and individual tuning to the specific venue. An achromatic lens and advanced iris gives a sharp-edged and uniform spot. The optical system was optimized to increase the maximum light output by incorporating the reflector, lenses and USHIO xenon lamp as a uniform system. The douser cutter utilizes a unique blade shape to create smooth and uniform mechanical dimming. The dependable universal power supply automatically reduces current in half when the iris shutter, douser and cutter are closed. This will reduce energy usage, extend the life of fixture parts and the lamp life. Together these product features make the Takumi-2000A the best choice when purchasing a medium throw followspot today.

1. Easy operation and excellent balancing.

2. Compact size and lightweight.

3. Quick Start and quick stabilization.


1. Outstanding lighting control with 100% manually closing iris and douser.

2. True natural colors with flicker-less USHIO Xenon short arc lamp.

3. MET marked (UL 1573) and FCC Compliant.

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