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If you want to supply fresher and tastier vegetables without worrying about chemical fertilizers, and you want to replace the vegetables that have been imported in farther distance in response to the globalization of foods, and if you want stable supply without worryinh about the effect of natural environment and esther, and still have high quality vegetable through steady suply, and vegetables that can be adjusted to detailed requirement such as taste, sizes and nutrient cntents, this can be the answer to Indoor Farming System.

  • Available vegetables that can be cultivated
  • - Leaf Lettuce (Frill lettuce, Sunny lettuce, Semi-globe lettuce, etc)
  • - Leafy vegetables (Ice plant, Pak-choy, Japanese Spinach, etc)
  • - Herbs (Mustard, Greason Mustard, Basil, Italian basil, Mint, etc)
  • - Fruit vegetables (Tomato, Stawberry, etc)
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