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PLUS-E is the compact, lightweight, and all-in-one mold protection device.Further evolved PE-600 with digital color image processing technology, delivers high performance in more various molding applications than ever. Renewal device PLUS-E based on our results and know-how for more than 30 years in this field, prevents injection mold trouble.

1. It can provide monitoring results as color image more sharply, compared with conventional monochrome image processing. In addition, digital color image processing enable to reduce errors that are caused by outside light, reflection of illumination, shadow of mold, residues of resin, and others.

2. It is user friendly. It adopts large color touch panel (10.4") It becomes that much easier to monitormold and improve operational performance significantly suchas monitoring area setting. Also, automatic setup is available with simple operation of this device. 

1. Leading to Higher productivity. With the digital processing data rate 0.012 seconds and original image processing technology, PLUS-E saves significant monitoring time. Accordingly, it is adaptable even for high-cycle injection molding as the cycle time of below 1 second.

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